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For Mental Health Clinics:

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Phone: 1-519-830-7272

Hello and welcome to The ITTM’s
50 hour "Online" Training Program

Your Training Program includes:

1: The ITTM Training Manual
(Phase A, B & C) (e-mail attachment/USB) (3 hours reading per day x 5 days) = 15 hours reading (and future resource).

2: Six-YouTube Link(s) to ITTM:
Phase A – Trauma Information Sessions presented by the developer/author to clients (6) Video Links- Password Protected 1.5 hours each T.IS. session x 6 weeks = 9 Video Hours.

3: Five-Day Intensive ITTM Training (1 Video per Day)

Day 1 - Phase A Review (Follow-up to Phase A videos) - 5 hours

Day 2 - Phase B (Follow-up to reading Phase B notes in Manual) - 5 hours

Day 3 - Phase B (Follow-up to reading Phase B notes in Manual) - 5 hours

Day 4 - Phase C (Follow-up to reading Phase C notes in Manual) - 5 hours

Day 5 - Phase C & Final Wrap Up of Matters related to Phase A, B, & C. - 3 hours

Total: 23 Hours

3 hours: Clinical Consultation via Skype

Total Training: 50 Hours

* Additional Promotion, Research and Administrative files to follow once training is complete.

**Signed Copy of ITTM Book Publication for Academics and Professional Practitioners (Routledge Press, 2017).

**See certification process as separate tab under this heading.

Cost: $1200 U.S. ($1285 CDN)
Available Payment Methods: Credit Card/E-Transfer/pay by Phone